Turn key backend for your website forms

Build your own native HTML/CSS form, connect to Formbox with POST and use our flexible backend for data collection & integration. 

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Easy set up

Formbox is easy to implement and requires only a few modifications to your code.

Step 1

Create your form inside formbox.io and then copy the custom URL.

Step 2

Point your form to our backend using the custom URL and the POST HTML form method.

Step 3

View or export your data from formbox.io or connect to other services.

Collect form entries

Submissions are sent to our backend where you can see them in your Dashboard. Forms are organized under folders.

Distribute and notify

Formbox can also send you instant email notifications as soon as people fill and submit your online form. We also allow to customize the subject line and the full email.

Export data

You can export all of your data, for any of your forms as a CSV file at any time. CSV files are common data files.

Comply with GDPR

You can set a Data Protection Officer in each of your forms for organizations that require one.

Integrate with any service using Zapier

Instantly connect Formbox with the apps you use everyday - it's the easiest way to automate your work. Connect to services likeAirtable, Asana, Salesforce, Mailchimp and thousands of others.